HBOT Pricing
Pricing of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
Is The Cost of HBOT Covered by Insurance?

Whether hyperbaric oxygen is covered by health insurance typically depends on the particular condition a patient has. As the Mayo Clinic notes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an established treatment for conditions such as decompression sickness, serious infections and wounds that won't heal as a result of diabetes or radiation injury,

Depending on the condition, some patients may require dozens of treatments. For example, according to New York Presbyterian Hospital, long-standing infections and other wounds may need 20 to 60 treatments over the course of several weeks.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Costs

Below you will find the current cost structure of hyperbaric therapy at our new Minnetonka, Minnesota location.

The price for a single individual session of a run time of 1 hr / $125 per session

  • Single 1hr session - $125
  • 10 sessions - $1175
  • 20 sessions - $2250
  • 30 sessions for - $3400
  • Contact Us for an estimate for 30+ sessions

Who Can Benefit from HBOT?

Many people benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, especially those living with chronic wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help tissue heal through the growth of new skin, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally considered safe.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isnā€™t right for every person. Your doctor may recommend another treatment if you have certain medical conditions, including some types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), respiratory infections, or cataracts.,

Please contact us to discuss an initial consultation where we can find out whether hyperbaric treatment is right for you.

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