O² Hyperbaric Therapy of Minnesota
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the use of 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber to treat wounds in the body of any duration in any location.
Sports Injury Recovery
Recovery times are reduced, performance is improved and endurance is enhanced.
Post Surgery Recovery
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after surgery helps to heal wounds up to 75% faster.
Natural Healing & Treatment
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy improves the body's own natural healing and function.
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Additional Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy
Healing of Tissue Infections
In bacterial infections, hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduced swelling, stimulated tissue growth, inhibited bacterial toxin production, enhanced antibiotic efficiency, and protected against infections.
Reduction of Chronic Pain
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in 60 patients (RCT) with chronic pain disorder (fibromyalgia) for 8 weeks showed improved brain and nerve activity.
Benefits Skin Ulcers
In 35 patients with treatment-resistant skin ulcers (vasculitis), a 4-week course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy improved recovery in 80% of the patients.
Aids in the recovery of concussions
In multiple rat models of brain injury, hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduced inflammation, inhibited nerve injury, increased the growth of nerve cells and blood vessels, and reduced pain.
Reduces Bone Infections
A review of 181 patient case reports found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy cured 82.6% of patients with recurrent chronic bone infection.
Improve Recovery from Radiotherapy
In 57 breast cancer patients, 47 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy decreased tissue toxicity, pain, and oversensitivity of the affected areas.