HBOT Benefits
Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
Pure Oxygen for the Body

Humans depend upon the consumption of oxygen all the time. Most atmospheric air is comprised of roughly 21% oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for the production of cellular energy in the mitochondria of every cell in the body. The use of pure 100% oxygen in a high pressure atmosphere has been shown to have extraordinary health benefits.

The hyperbaric chamber has pure oxygen coming in at pressures 1.5 – 3 times the normal atmospheric pressure. Treatment times range from 30-90 minutes. Using oxygen at higher pressures causes up to 20 times more oxygen to be absorbed by the blood and transferred to injured organs and tissues. This speeds healing and recovery time in addition to other benefits.

Scientific Results

Breathing in 100% (pure) oxygen under increased pressure, called HBOT, allows extra oxygen to be taken up by the bloodstream and dissolved at a far greater rate. This extra oxygen can help where healing is slowed down by infection or where blood supply is limited by damage to the tissues.

HBOT has been shown to:

  • Assist healing by raising tissue oxygen levels to normal in areas where they are reduced through illness or injury
  • Encourage new blood vessels to grow and carry additional blood
  • Increase the ability of the body’s defense mechanisms to fight infection and kill bacteria
  • Help reduce any swelling that may occur around the area.

Who Can Benefit from HBOT?

Many people benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, especially those living with chronic wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help tissue heal through the growth of new skin, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally considered safe.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t right for every person. Your doctor may recommend another treatment if you have certain medical conditions, including some types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), respiratory infections, or cataracts.,

Please contact us to discuss an initial consultation where we can find out whether hyperbaric treatment is right for you.

Sports Injury Recovery
Helping athletes get back in the game.
Whether you're a Divison 1 athlete in a top tier program, or just a weekend warrior trying to keep up with the young guns, HBOT can help you get back into the game and recover faster. Find out more about how Hyperbaric therapy of Minnesota are getting athletes back in the game.
Post Surgery Recovery
Healing faster than conventional means.
HBOT has been proven to speed up recovery in post surgery scenarios. Issues such as poor blood supply and damage to the blood vessels may slow healing. HBOT increases the ability of blood to upload, carry and deliver oxygen to tissue. This results in improved and more rapid healing.
Natural Healing & Treatment
Help your body, help itself.
HBOT enhances the body's natural healing ability by promoting the growth of new blood vessels resulting in healed wounds and a decreased chance of amputation. HBOT enhances neurogenesis (the growth and development of nervous tissue) which accordingly may improve functional outcomes after central nervous system injuries.
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